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Alternate History at Dragon Con

Atlanta, GA       Sep 1 – Sep 4, 2017

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The Alternate History Track caters to the retrofuturist, the steampunk, and any fan of speculative fiction playing with alternate times and worlds that never were, but could have been. Unlike many other panels, our Track is as diverse as our subject matter as we try to cover all things alternate history from literature, media, costuming, and much more!

Alternate History Track panels cover not only steampunk, but alternate times in many other eras, often with the -punk suffix such as dieselpunk, clockpunk, atompunk, what have you. Pulp Fiction, Time Travel, and many form of dystopian fiction are covered as well. We span all forms of media, with titles like Back to the Future, Tomorrowland, Murdoch Mysteries, The Man in the High Castle and so much more.

We are currently expanding to include late night “Mature Audience” as well as morning “Kid Friendly” Programming; and we will continue to host the largest steampunk party in the world, the Mechanical Masquerade. We are also excited about our Joint-Track programming with many other tracks: Animation, BritTrack, Costuming, Horror, Kaleidoscope, Makers and Robotics, and X-Track.

Also, track director, Enrique Velazquez, is available for consult on how best to fill out the application.

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