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All Weekend


The Museum of Alternate History ⚙ All Weekend

The Museum of Alternate History is the crowd jewel of our Track. This year, we have 3 Open Hour viewing sessions in the Athens Room, and 1 Open Hour in the Augusta Room for your viewing pleasure Friday through Sunday.
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The Alternate History Costuming Series ⚙ All Weekend

The Alternate History Costuming series is a collection of panels and topics each year presented on the Alternate History Track. Unlike Costuming Track focused content, these panels are grouped by skill level and complexity and cater specifically to those seeking to make period-specific costuming and variations thereof.
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SAM Talks  All Weekend

Science. Alternate History. Robotics and Makers. These three tracks have taken inspiration from the TED Talks series to bring you great talks and ideas inspired from the three subjects. Each panel will feature 3 or more brief talks with a Q&A afterwards to discuss the ideas presented.
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Hamilton: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Sings Your History ⚙ 4PM

RISE UP! Fans of the mega-hit broadway musical Hamilton discuss the alternate history themes behind the hit show as well as the fact and fiction that brought the show to the stage. And, of course, there will likely be sing a longs afterwards.
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The 4th Annual Dragon Con Tea Duel ⚙ 5:30PM

The American Tea Duelling Society is proud to present this year’s tournament in the sport of Tea Dueling. Duelists from the audience can see the dueling mistress to sign up at the beginning of the tourney. Space is limited. May your biscuits be crisp and your nerve unwavering. This will be held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Hilton.
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The Great Hair, Beard, and Moustache Competition ⚙ 5:30PM

A competitive bout between hirsute Victorians of all stylings. Compete to win for best Hairstyle, Moustache, Partial or Full Beard by a panel of judges. All beards, mustaches, and great hair welcomed.
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The Tin Ear Salon  8:30PM

The Tin Ear Salon is a gathering of steampunk and neo-vintage musicians and music lovers, held to amuse, refine tastes and increase knowledge through conversation. Featuring members of Frenchy and the Punk, Crystal Bright, Valentine Wolfe, Marquis of Vaudeville, Nathaniel Johnstone Band and That Darling DJ Duo. WARNING: Hijinks will ensue.
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Victorian Pool Party  10PM

After the Dragon Con Pin-ups by the Pool Party, the Dragon Con Alternate History Track dons their Victorian swimwear for a dip in the lagoon and some waterside shenanigans! We do believe some of the ladies may be showing a bit of ankle, how scandalous.
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Splendid Teapot Racing ⚙ 2:30PM

Bring your own teapot racer or just come watch the action as steampunk builders race Remote Control cars carry teapots around an obstacle course for fun and prizes. Official rules can be found at the Splendid Teapot Racing USA Facebook group.
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Extreme Makeover: Steampunk Edition ⚙ 7PM

This game show follows 3 lucky individuals who are chosen by our “extreme team” of top designers as they are tasked to take leftover items and found objects and cloth our contestants top to bottom in a complete retrofuture makeover, with the winner chosen by our panel of celebrity judges.
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The Temporal Empress’ Ballroom Dance ⚙ 7PM

The Temporal Empress has set her chronospatial coordinates for the Alternate History Track at Dragon Con. Join us in your finest attire and waltz, foxtrot, and tango to both classic ballroom numbers and the geekiest of danceable themes. Formal attire strongly encouraged.
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Her Royal Majesty’s Boasting Contest ⚙ 10PM

Come one, come all, to a competition of a most grandiose nature. Her Royal Majesty’s Boasting contest is a judged competition, open for all, to tell their grandest tale (true or fabrication) in 5 minutes or less, for bragging rights, glory, and most importantly: prizes and bragging rights.
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The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show ⚙ 1PM

Dragon Con Costuming Track & Dragon Con Alternate History Track proudly present The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show: Historical Costumes Real and Imagined! Bringing historical fashion AND costumes from alternate history to the runway, the timeline gets twisted at the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show! Join us for a stunning time-traveling costume adventure at Dragon Con 2017!
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The History or Alternate History Game Show ⚙ 2:30PM

This is a game show in which our panel of authors and chosen contestants from the crowd are read stories and their own wits must decide whether the event is fact or imagination for fun and prizes. It’s a game of truth or speculative fiction that is sure to be educational, if not hilarious.
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The Steam Powered Giraffe Clockwork Conference ⚙ 4PM

Walter Robotics is proud to present the automatons of Steam Powered Giraffe in a live Q&A. The robots are happy to attend Dragon Con for their first time would like to share their world with you.
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Mechanical Masquerade: Frontier ⚙ 10PM

The Artifice Club and Alternate History Track’s Mechanical Masquerade returns! Our 6th installment’s theme is “A Night in the Old Weird West” and we draw our inspiration from the good, bad, ugly, and weird western tales. Let the dancing and imagination run free with DJs, go go and revelry!
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