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The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show

Dragon Con Alternate History Track & Dragon Con Costuming Track proudly present The Vintage Vogue Fashion Show: Historical Costumes Real and Imagined! Bringing historical fashion AND costumes from alternate history to the runway, the timeline gets twisted at the Vintage Vogue Fashion Show! Join us for a stunning time-traveling costume adventure at Dragon Con 2016!
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The Great Hair, Beard, and Moustache Competition

A competitive bout between hirsute Victorians of all stylings. Compete to win for best Hairstyle, Moustache, Partial or Full Beard by a panel of judges. Men, women, and others are all welcome. Fantastic prizes to be awarded, so start growing!
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Splendid Teapot Racing

After the Parade, bring your own teapot racer or just come watch the action as steampunk builders race Remote Control cars carry teapots around an obstacle course for fun and prizes.
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The 3rd Annual Dragon Con Tea Duel

The American Tea Duelling Society is proud to present this year’s tournament in the sport of Tea Dueling. After a short presentation of the rules, we duel. May your biscuits be crisp and your nerve unwavering. Volunteer duelists can sign up at the beginning of the tourney. Spaces limited.
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The Steampunk Swap Meet

In need of inspiration, or a missing cog for your machine? Join us for the Alternate History Track’s first Steampunk Swap Meet! We will have many tables full of junk, fabric, knick knacks, and various items to be exchanged by our members for trade and swap only. No money shall change hands. All leftovers will be donated to the Track for use in our Extreme Steampunk Makeover Challenge.
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Her Royal Majesty’s Boasting Contest

Come one, come all, to a competition of a most grandiose nature. Her Royal Majesty’s Boasting contest is a judged competition, open for all, to tell their grandest tale (true or fabrication) in 5 minutes or less, for bragging rights, glory, and most importantly: prizes!
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History or Alternate History

In this game show, random and not-so-randomly chosen contestants will be told certain statements and their own wits must decide whether the event is fact or imagination. It’s a game of truth or speculative fiction that is sure to be if nothing else educational, if not hilarious.
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Extreme Makeover: Steampunk Edition

This game show follows 3 lucky individuals who are chosen by our “extreme team” of top designers as they are tasked to take leftover items and found objects and cloth our contestants top to bottom in a complete retrofuture makeover, with the winner chosen by our panel of celebrity judges.
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Mechanical Masquerade: Neverwas

The Artifice Club and Dragon Con Alternate History Track’s Mechanical Masquerade is back for its fifth year. Our theme this year, “Once Upon a Another Time” is inspired not only by pirates and boys who could fly, but also by all alternate worlds of storybooks and fairy tales. Let the dancing and imagination run free!
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