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The Alternate History Track Volunteers

We here at the Artifice Club are happy to work for this amazing convention.  We’re all great fans of Dragon Con and we hope you all will appreciate our efforts in making the Alternate History Track the best yet!


Enrique Velazquez

Enrique Velazquez is better known as DJ Doctor Q. He is the resident DJ of Speakeasy Electro Swing Atlanta. When not spinning tunes, he is also the Alternate History Track Director at Dragon Con, as well as the Executive Director for the Artifice Club.


Matt Oztalay

Matt Oztalay, by day a mild-mannered game developer, and by night the Steampunk Mixologist.


John F. Strangeway

John F. Strangeway, on the quest for the perfect Mountain Dew.


Diane E. Curtis

Diane E. Curtis is the Communications Manager for the Alternate History Track. She is also the Director of Development for The Artifice Club and during the week slings tweets and preaches strategy for an Atlanta-based digital agency where she works as the Director of Social Media.


Liz Wang Carpenter

Our Museum Curator, Liz Carpenter, is a copywriter, bartender and House Mom. As a result, she frequently offers up banter, booze and baked goods.


Roula Roulette

Alternate History Track Stage Manager, lackey, minion and bossy pants.

Hakira D’Almah

Hakira (Lana Guggenheim) loves talking about history, wearing pretty clothes, and sharing booze with people. You can find her talking very fast! Please join in!

Madame Dowd

Madame Dowd is a Costume and Character developer. She is mostly known for her work in Steampunk communities as Echo the music box automaton.

Morgan St.Clair

New to the Alternate History Track team, Morgan St.Clair brings enthusiasm and good humor to all of her schlepping and crony-ing.

Nicole Phillips

Nicole is crafter, stilt-enthusiast, improv & community theater actor. She’s happy to lend a hand for the Alternate History Track this year.